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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

My name is Cindy Pascale, one of the co-founders of Consrv, and I am a Boomer who is concerned about the environment. I grew up in Wisconsin, and anyone that has grown up in the North knows that the winters can be brutally cold. It was one of those frigid days when I sat looking out the window. I was not like other 6 year-olds that would sit and look out windows and daydream of sledding or ice skating or building snow forts with their friends. No. I was staring at the houses in our neighborhood and noticed how all of them were spewing exhaust from oil or gas furnaces. It made my stomach hurt thinking about how much pollution our little community was generating and putting into the air. At six years old, I vowed to do something to reduce pollution to protect our environment.

Over the years, this vow has manifested in different actions like always picking up trash, especially plastic bags and bottles, when walking the dog or never serving bottled water to guests in my house. Many of you will say my actions were lame attempts and you are right, we can all do more. While we all can and should do more, we need to continue to encourage everyone to take action every day to conserve.

And now in 2021, I am taking a much larger action to keep my 6-year-old self’s vow – my business partner and I are launching a new app named Consrv. Consrv’s goal is to educate, encourage, and reward people for their actions to live a more sustainable life. Activities are worth points and Consrv users can cash in points for discounts on products. Save up points to get bigger discounts on larger purchases.  By the nature of logging points, users will learn all the different activities they can take to live more sustainably. They can even earn points simply by inviting their network to use Consrv. Check out our website to learn more: 

Together we can make a difference.

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