Incredibly Generic Consrver Profiles

Hello and welcome to Consrv. We realize everyone is on a different sustainability path and want to acknowledge each of you by putting you in three main profiles:

1. Super Sustainable Sue – This person rides their bike to work, uses reusable produce bags, shops local, and never misses an opportunity to compost. Sue is well-motivated by the deteriorating climate to take individual action toward a more sustainable life. We love Sue and want to show her this appreciation with discounts and goods from her favorite brands.

2. Sustainable in Theory Theo – This person loves the environment and thinks we should be doing more as a collective to solve the climate crisis. Theo has seen the dire news and shares pro-environment Instagram posts. Theo thinks sustainably but has a hard time translating that thought process to real life. At times Theo is unsure where to start and doesn’t have the time to research sustainable actions or products. Other times, Theo forgets the reusable bag or throws recyclable goods in the trash because the recycling bin is further away (we get it). Most of us are Theo. Overall, the intention is there but there’s a missing link between intention and action. That’s where we come in! We’d like to provide the motivation and rewards to bridge that gap.

3. Oblivious Olivia – This person has stumbled upon this page completely by chance. Welcome! Olivia has heard of climate change but doesn’t think induvial action can help or doesn’t think it’s worth the time. To which we say, “Hey Olivia, you’re missing out on a ton of money-saving opportunities!” We offer a whole list of actions that are easily integrated into daily life to earn points and rewards, and hey you’ll even be helping the environment.

Everyone’s path looks different and as long as you’re moving forward, we want to reward you. No matter where you are now, Sue, Theo, Olivia, or any variation in between, you are welcome here to make a difference. Whether your motivation is to help the environment or get rewards or both, we need you to get Consrving! Together, we can!

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